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Nebrodi Baci


A quick and easy recipe for preparing homemade kisses.1Melt the chocolate in a bain-marie, once it is liquid, add the Conti Nobile Natura pure hazelnuts paste and mix vigorously. Put in the fridge for about

Nebrodi Baci2019-02-22T11:36:28+00:00

Gianduia tart


1To start, prepare the pastry: add the sugar and a pinch of salt to the flour, then put the egg and the yolk and the lemon peel. Start to knead, adding the oil gradually.

Gianduia tart2019-02-22T09:44:55+00:00

Hazelnut Brittle


1To start it is necessary to toast the hazelnuts in the oven, 180 ° for 10 minutes, making sure that they do not burn, and put them aside. In a cutter if you prefer,

Hazelnut Brittle2019-02-22T06:38:31+00:00

Sicilian almonds


AAlmond is the queen of dried fruit. It is an excellent source of "good" fats, polyunsaturated fats, beneficial for the body because they are able to lower cholesterol and protect the heart. It contains

Sicilian almonds2019-02-21T17:03:24+00:00

Bronte Pistachio


Bronte pistachio represents about 0.25% of the quantity produced in the world. 80% of this percentage is exported, therefore only 20% of this percentage is consumed in Italy.

Bronte Pistachio2019-02-21T15:31:39+00:00

Sicilian walnuts


The walnut, from the Latin "Junglas Regia", or "Ghianda di Giove", among the ancient Romans was the tree consecrated to the king of the gods to underline the importance and the royalty of this

Sicilian walnuts2019-02-21T14:56:39+00:00

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