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Our story

Hazelnuts trees in dowry

It was March 1974 when Salvatore welcomed with joy and concern the birth of his first child. For those who, like him, came from the land what he would have left to a daughter? The language of the land is harsh for a woman. After much mulling the solution to the problem knocks on the door: he is offered by a friend the opportunity to buy a whole field of hazelnut trees in Tripi; in the end it is a seasonal job, with the help of some workers even a woman could have done it.

This is how the history of this company was born, which over the years has been able to renew its own soul: young, dynamic, state-of-the-art, linked to the family and with a careful eye to respect for nature and traditions.

And the birth of the second daughter could only be welcomed with the purchase of new, precious, land.

The father cares very much that the daughters receive a solid education and so Carla and Grazia spend the morning at school and in the afternoon, after homework, in the countryside: in winter to observe the flowering and the planting of the new seeds, in summer to chase each other and find refreshment under the broad fronds of the trees and in autumn to fill baskets, pockets and aprons of ripe fruits.

So they grow up, graduate and base their law firm together in the city. But the lack of that daily routine, the scents and colors of those places and the desire to preserve that priceless “dowry” received as a gift from his father drives them to return home to follow and grow the family business. And so, shuttling between Messina and Tortorici, between the office and the countryside Grazia and Carla manage – with sacrifice but much satisfaction – courthouses and hazelnut trees, assisted and workers, legal practices and hazelnut sweets.

Conti Nobile Natura

hazelnuts and…much more!

Since 1975 we have been producing organic hazelnuts in the territory of the municipalities of Tripi and Roccella Valdemone on the Nebrodi Mountains.
Or rather, at the beginning they were only hazelnuts, now it is much more.
There is pesto and hazelnut and almond paste, flour and grains, creams and sweets. All biological.
This is accompanied by a small production of nuts and the collection and packaging of a small quantity of pistachios coming from a small batch of land that insists on the village of Bronte, on the slopes of Mount Etna.
Since 1975 we have been observing, learning, knowing, inventing and cultivating our fields that give us precious fruits.
The packaging takes place mainly under vacuum so as to keep intact all the organoleptic properties until the moment of consumption: from nature to the table.



We have invested in our mountains, trees and land. Our commitment is aimed at enhancing a unique, extraordinary product, an expression of our territory and at protecting local biodiversity. We believe that taste, excellence and courage are the ingredients for the social, cultural and economic rebirth of our wonderful island.


Protecting the land and guaranteeing a natural product for us and our customers has always been our obsession. Conti Nobile Natura is one of the main biological realities of the area, it is powered by solar energy, it is oriented towards total quality and the saving of materials and plastic packaging.


Our strength is our workers: we have therefore put at their disposal all the necessary technologies to improve working conditions, safety, ease of handling of the collection and processing of hazelnuts. We used the best technology offered to improve agronomic conditions, enhance the yield and wealth of the earth and to optimize the production cycle with machines that allow us to have a clean, intact and high quality product.


The emotional bond with the land and the family is what drove us to invest in this project: safeguarding a priceless asset received by our father and leaving intact to our children and grandchildren is the engine of our daily work. Love for this land is a reflection of the affection for our father: working, planning, dreaming together is what drives us to spend Saturday and holidays in the company, investing time, resources, energy on growing our company.

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“Our commitment is aimed at enhancing a local production, an expression of our territory, of a biodiversity of considerable social, cultural and economic value”

Carla • the younger sister

“Leaving that precious good that we have received as a gift, it would have been like betraying our father”

Grazia • the older sister

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