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…noble by nature

The company Conti Cutugno, in which we sink our roots, is a family business that boasts more than 40 years of experience in the world of cultivation and production of organic dried fruit.

For some years now, the need to transform the raw material, to package the finished product and to interact directly with the final customer has led us to found a new company, always in line with the principles that have accompanied us throughout our lives: born that way the Conti Nobile Natura.
We have therefore created a processing plant in Tripi, a terrace overlooking the sea in the Nebrodi Park, which with a skilful balance between innovation and tradition allows us to have certainty about the quality of the product and the safety of tracing every single hazelnut, walnut, pistachio or almond.

We follow the Supply Chain

We follow carefully all the steps of the transformation to guarantee a product that keeps intact all the aromatic and nutritional characteristics

We respect the earth

SWe strictly follow the principles of organic farming to guarantee the healthiness of the product and to preserve the land for future generations.

We use Solar Energy

We derive energy from renewable energy sources and we follow good rules to limit waste and to impact as little as possible on the ecosystem.

We respect the work

We firmly believe that the driving force of business is people and the quality of the product goes hand in hand with the dignity of work.

We support nature

We listen to the beating of the earth and use everything that nature offers us to maintain balance and keep the soil alive, clean and productive.

We have a dream

We love our land and dream of re-launching our territory as a place of production of excellence and pristine beauty to experience and discover.


from all points of view

Always sensitive to the protection of the territory and respect for nature and its biological cycles, our company is entirely powered by solar energy, is oriented to total quality and uses cultivation methods that strictly respect the rules of organic farming that only admits the use of natural substances, excluding the use of chemicals such as fertilizers, herbicides and insecticides.
Our goal is to combine the challenges of the market with respect for the environment, the protection of quality of life, attention to the social and the enhancement of typical products. Since 2015 we have created a line of processed products that, with their own peculiarities, represent a precious alternative ready to conquer the most demanding palates and to be the soul of the healthiest, tastiest and creative recipes.

Family’s history

Conti Cutugno sisters born in a small village in the Nebrodi Park, a place of extraordinary beauty, where nature is still dictating the daily rhythm. From there they go to the city, study, graduate and found their law firm, until they feel the lack of their land ……


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